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Comment posted by Ellpoor( ellInsodedaff.pw ), 09/26/2019 at 9:51am (UTC):
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Comment posted by Kristie Rose Liswid( roseliswidyahoo.com ), 02/24/2014 at 12:16pm (UTC):
I'm sorry, but I will not comment but I would like to contribute an old original article.
Why do we have garbage in our community? Who invented it? Can we eliminate or at least minimize it? According to my grandmother, garbage is less visible to the market eyes when Bontoc is just a small town. However, today it is noticeable that our place has big garbage problem. This is due to fast urbanization where number of people was increasing and merchandise blatantly increasing. So to speak, merchandises are diffusing plastics, pet bottles, bottles, cellophanes, papers and others. Because of high technology that powers merchandises, we are experiencing garbage problem. Since scientists demand for high technology, they should have invented more machines that can recycle waste products. Actually, there are garbage machines they had invented in Baguio and in some Philipppine places but it is still less for the whole community / country to use. So, we really need the scientists’ help to build machines that can accommodate tons and tons of garbage that would produce ideal bricks. Or a robot that can eat biodegradable wastes and would poop fertilizers. However, if these are available, does the local government or the whole country can afford to acquire it? Yes, we can if the pork barrels of law makers are used to purchase the said machines rather than using to NGO projects, medical missions that leads to finally pocketing the pork barrel as widely read on tabloids. As a Bontoc folk, I manage our family garage by strictly practicing 3R’s (Reduse, Reuse, Recycle). We reuse hard plastics and cans for fruit seedlings, useless cellophanes to bottled bricks, and used paper cups or plastic cups for eggplant seedlings. The fruit and vegetable peelings go to the compost pit. While the sanitary napkins are buried in the separated compost pit. However these practices are not applicable to others but at least they should have to think and do better ways to minimize their garbage and not just depend on the Bontoc government to do it for them. “Nu kuma isnan mother tongue adi taku ipakhape-khapew sinan teken ay takho nan lukhit takho tapnu kuma nan nay cha basurero et maagtan cha is khag-awis ay chono.” Let us keep Bontoc a clean and green society through cooperation for us to have peace and progress in our community and to our country!

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